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12 issues of "BBC Sky at Night Magazine"

A subscription to BBC Sky at Night magazine provides a monthly practical guide to astronomy. BBC Sky at Night magazine complements the BBC's popular and longrunning TV series, presented by Sir Patrick Moore. BBC Sky at Night magazine is the only ‘real’ guide to astronomy. Every issue of BBC Sky at Night magazine brings you observing tips, star charts, buyers' guides, the latest in cosmological research, exclusive features by Sir Patrick Moore - PLUS an interactive CD-ROM. BBC Sky and Night magazines features regular content on: • Coverdisc - free monthly CD-ROM with additional content and freeware astronomical software. • The sky in [month] - 12-page monthly pull-out stargazing guide . • The Universe according to Patrick Moore - editorial from the Editor Emeritus. • Editor's letter – editorial, Plus lots of feature articles on the newest discoveries and theories in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Subscribe today to receive every issue of BBC Sky at Night delivered direct to your door. PLUS save 20% off the shop price - that's a saving of over £10 throughout the year!* *Based on UK pricing

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