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6 issues of "Resurgence"

This magazine is a must-read for anyone who has a passion for the planet. Resurgence is an internationally-acclaimed environmental magazine first published in 1966. Resurgence explores the root causes of today's problems and presents positive solutions. Articles in Resurgence cover a diverse range of topics including ecology, sustainability, social justice, organic farming, spirituality, slow food, local economics, peace-building, simplicity, creativity and much more. Resurgence also features an extensive book review section, poetry, art and recipes.

Resurgence presents you with: intelligent, in-depth articles by prominent international authors; positive perspectives on global issues; ideas and inspiration for sustainable living.

Seeds of Change: The Future of Food
Over the last three decades there have been greater changes in the way we produce and consume food than in the previous 30,000 years. In the March/April issue we present a special feature on the Future of Food, taking a transatlantic perspective on the consequences of this transformation.
As part of this unique food feature, edited by Elizabeth Amrien, we look at organic and beyond, examine the role of women in agriculture, and ask ‘what is the true cost of cheap food?’


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