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4 issues of "Australasian Ufologist"

The Ufologist Magazine explores fringe subjects such as UFOs, Unexplained Phenomena, the Paranormal, Crop Circles and New Sciences from Australia, New Zealand and overseas. This is achieved by contributions from some of the most informed and highly experienced researchers and scientists in Australia and abroad. Scientists such as Dr. Bruce Maccabee. He carries a Ph.D in Physics from the American University in Washington DC and has carried out physics research for the navy since 1972. Bill Chalker, author of the 'Oz Files', is an industrial chemist with an honours science degree. He is one of Australia's foremost UFO researcher. Rex Gilroy. A field naturalist and historical researcher, whose' work encompasses subjects such as the Yowie, is one of the most controversial and thought provoking contributor of the Australasian Ufologist Magazine.

Australasian Ufologist

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