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magazine Slam
31 reviews
One year (6 issues) for €109.95 (USD 126.99)
Slam Magazine is hip and edgy and dedicated to the sport of basketball. Each issue of Slam covers professional, college, and high school basketball including player profiles, interviews, fashions and lifestyles. With Slam Magazine, readers will get the inside information on the players that make the game. Also included in Slam is the slam-dunk of the month.

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    Slam: Reviews and opinions

    (Click here for ordering Slam)

    Very good and up to date magazine. As a Basketball fan I am interested in basketball all around the world. If I could better one thing about the magazine: maybe slam can include one section about european ball but hey I do not complain 'cause it's still an nba magazine, the greatest league in the world.
    Sam Ledoux on 26-01-2015
    First-class sports magazine. Recommended for anyone who's into basketball.
    Tony on 29-08-2014
    Super magazine, up to date articles and attractive advertising.Perfect delivery service
    Mike on 24-10-2012
    Great magazine, great stories.
    And I just love their point of view!
    Kevin den Bekker on 05-08-2011
    Just a great Basketball magazine. well written, great articles, and cool pictures of all your favorite NBA and up and coming college stars. Must have for every Basketball Fan.
    Kevin Oversluizen on 21-06-2011
    Slam is da bomb!
    Robin on 17-01-2010
    SLAM is a true "in your face" basketball magazine. It features some very original and honest articles on different kinds of players and also contains a lot of fun stuff. A high quality mag definitely worth the cash. Be sure to check out the Trash Talk section, where readers give their love to Slam or share some beef they had with the last magazine.
    Geerten on 12-06-2009

    This is the perfect NBA magazine with nice stories and photos but maybe a little bit to much advertising of shoes.


    Senol on 16-09-2008
    There aint a beter magazine bether than Slam.
    Farley on 12-09-2008
    Very good magazine. interviews with players are always original and not only the superstars are interviewed but also the guys that are having a more modest role on the teams. If you are a basketball fan then this magazine is indeed a 'must have'.
    siska on 12-09-2008
    if you like basketbal,this is the ultimate magazine!!!!!!!!
    erik on 11-09-2008
    I like this mag. It's the #1 bballmagazine!
    Stefan on 02-01-2007
    Ik vind de SLAM echt een heel leuk blad omdat er heel veel gave posters in staan en er staat niet aleen NBA in maar ook high school basketball
    Dio on 29-10-2005

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