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magazine CINEFEX
2 reviews
One year (6 issues) for €179.95 (USD 207.84)
Cinefex is a quarterly magazine devoted to motion picture special effects.
Since 1980, it has been the bible for effects professionals and enthusiasts, covering
the field like no other publication. Profusely illustrated in color, with as many
as 180 pages per issue, Cinefex offers a captivating look at the technologies
and techniques behind many of our most popular and enduring movies.

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    CINEFEX: Reviews and opinions

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    I do agree with Neil Maguire that CGI takes up a lot of room inside the magazine. I often find it more intriguing to learn how they did FX in live action (including the use of prosthetics, make-up and camera/lighting techniques than all post-production CGI-approach). As a freelance cameraman/editor I have limited budget available for motion design in most of my productions, so more quick tips for the indie film maker would be appreciated.
    Richard van den Boogaard on 09-09-2011
    As a longtime storyboard/concept artist in the feature industry, i have always loved Cinefex as a celebration of the wide and varied techniques used in the sfx process.
    However, now Cinefex seems to concentrate soley on CGI. Software packages don't make for stimulating copy! CGI is only one linking tool in an array of techniques. Please get the balance back or retitle the magazine 'What software package anualy' Many thanks.
    Neil Maguire on 23-01-2011

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