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O, The Oprah magazine
magazine O, The Oprah magazine
91 reviews
O, The Oprah magazine
One year (12 issues) for €157.50 (USD 181.91)
Oprah Winfrey's new magazine will be the Womens personal growth guide for the new century..offering compelling stories, empowering ideas and articles on health and fitness, careers, realtionships, beauty, fashion, home design, books and food.

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    O, The Oprah magazine: Reviews and opinions

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    Very American magazine but also great reading material for non-americans. Lifestyle, book suggestions, information about food, health, make-up. Subscription is a good deal. No more running tot the store hoping they have a copy. Good price and excellent delivery
    Laura on 10-11-2018
    Great magazine with everything you would expect from Oprah. Delighted that Ivo has made it possible for me to receive this publication in the UK and at such a reasonable price. Delivery is like clockwork every month.
    Leigh on 10-06-2016
    I love Oprah and I love the magazine.. It makes my day when I get home and my O magazine has arrived!
    Ems on 06-07-2012
    Love this magazine to bits. Try to read it right away when I get it in the mail. Makes my day! Always lots of fun and intelligent articles to read. My absolute favorite magazine of all times!
    Nicole on 15-06-2012
    I have been subscribed to this magazine for about 3 years now, and it keeps getting better. The articles are very interesting and in-depth. But there is also room for fashion, health and beauty. There is a good balance between light hearted fun and seriousness.
    Delivery is on time.
    All in all I'm very happy I can get to read this magazine over here, for a good price! Hope I'll get to enjoy O for years to come.
    Esmee on 10-05-2012
    Interesting articles, lots of adds. A bit too American for my taste. Nevertheless a pleasure to read.
    Marianne on 11-03-2011
    Love the magazine, despite the advertising on the right page (!).
    Unfortunateley the delivery is a bit problematic but when I do get the magazine, it is always fun to read it!

    M. Vos on 22-10-2010
    Love the magazine. It's alwasy very thick, so lots to read. Indeed a lot of ads, which can be annoying, but the articles are great. Look forward to it every month!
    Kind regards,
    Charlotte on 01-10-2010
    Love it! And was glad to be able to get a subscription here in NL via this website! Great service!
    Helene on 27-08-2010
    It is a pleasure to read this monthly magazine full of nice pictures and real life stories. I always look forward for the next edition. And above all I am so happy to get this magazine on monthly basis in the Netherlands.
    Rosita on 16-07-2010
    I am a great fan of Oprah Winfrey, and bought the magazine somethimes. After a long wait, I finaly received it, and since then delivery is great, the magazine is also great, every good magazine has a lot of commercials, it's that, that helps them to survive. I am very happy with it, and always looking forward to receive it again.
    Rita Vorm on 17-01-2010
    Every week the feeling of America, great!!
    on 11-09-2009
    the deliverance of the magazine is always correct, i have seen it now for a year but there is too much advertisements about beauty and a food, there are very little story's, my expectations was stories like you see on tv, i was fun to read it for a year and to see what americans eat and wear clothes.
    with regards Zita
    on 29-08-2009
    Interesting,honest, rich with colour,colourful, we always enjoying oneself reading the O Magazine .for us the O magazine is a keeper.Thank you Oprah,Gayle,and all the contributing editors and writers, thank you for sharing your expertise ,wisdom and stories with us.
    Henriette and my 3 daughters on 21-07-2009
    I love the well written articles in this nice looking magazine, although it has a lot of advertisements. When I'm finished with reading the magazine my friends like to read it too. Oprah is my favourite talkshow host and I wish her all the best.


    Joyce C. Blume-Schulte on 17-07-2009
    This is honestly my favorite magazine to read, and I look forward to its delivery each and every month. For me it is the perfect combination of the type of information, motivation and insights I look for and can apply to both the professional and personal sectors of my life. I love the variety of topics, as well as having access to the many expert voices. I would, however, really appreciate an added/increased international female perspective. I believe that many readers outside the continental U.S.A. - be they expats or local women - would really enjoy seeing more of their unique lives reflected in the magazine, and I think the core readership in the U.S.A. would benefit from this "window to the world" as well.
    Trina on 03-07-2009
    this is simply the best magazine. Oprah talks about interesting subjects everyone else avoids ! please continue. I'm looking forward to every copy.
    marita on 29-06-2009
    Nice magazine, delivery is perfect and we are very happy with all the news and articles in this magazine. I give the magazine to my friends and women at my work (English teachers) to use it again and again. Also to use it by pupils in class it is very good. Thank you very much !!!!
    Henny Moonen-Meessen on 15-05-2009
    Delivery is always good, although a bit slow to start off the first time.
    The magazine is one big commercialbreak, like on TV, especially in the US (every 2 minutes -> every 2 pages). Because all that stuff is not for sale in The Netherlands it's not relevant and actually quite distracting and annoying even. When you'd only put the pages with real articles together you'd have a tiny thin leaflet left...
    OK, it's not that bad, the articles are OK, but it's allways about the same kind of stuff and for me it's not doing the trick.
    I'm going back to LINDA. magazine. Sorry.
    Thanx anyway and indeed, Ivo is doing a great job handling the orders and delivery.
    Kind regards,
    Sisi on 08-05-2009
    Finally there is a fun magazine that's about the real things in life!! Not only fashion, make-up, sex problems, etc. but also every day things everybody is struggeling with. I really enjoy the magazine!
    Claire on 08-05-2009
    Loving every bit of it!
    I have a subscription for two years now :D It it always on time and not expensive at all.
    The only trouble is that I cant buy the stuff that I see in the magazine...:( but still fun to know what they sell in the US.
    Joanne on 26-04-2009
    I love the magazine. I look forward to it, every month. It has high quality photographs, lots aubout literature and it inspires me every month. Delivery is okay. And the price also when you have a subscribtion.I didn't buy it in the shops anymore, because is was way to expensive. I even like the ads, they're funny because they're so american!
    Manon on 27-03-2009
    It took quite a while before I got the first issue of the O magazine. I liked to read it for half price. It is very expensive in the bookshops, which I do understand but for which I don't want to pay. The magazine has many interesting articles. As far as the delivery is concerned I have no complaints. Kind regards.
    Joke on 04-02-2009
    its a very nice magazine,great paper quility.always a nice front page.however very american orienteted so if you live in holland like me than you dont follow everything.but i must say that i admire oprah very much,she is smart beutifull looking,for me she is an example of how you want to look like a lady.and she is very important for the emancipation of women al over the world she is a joy to look and to keep going oprah,with lots of love,regards monique from holland
    monique on 17-01-2009
    I like the O magazine very much. Lots of inspiring thoughts...but also a lot of advertisments (that's the only thing I could mention against this magazine)
    Ulrike Bonnema on 17-10-2008
    Trina on 02-10-2008
    I am satisfied with you service. Thank you.
    Riana on 29-09-2008
    O-Magazine is one of the best magazines around. It is as I like to call it 'complete'. The delivery is excellent.
    Laurence on 24-09-2008
    Very nice magazine, different from dutch magazines which is good for a change. But so many advertisements, some 7 pages long! We are not used to that here. But, also it is fun to see american products, different from the dutch. Different fashion, good for when you're over 30, very good!
    Jascha on 18-09-2008
    I just love the magazine from the first moment I layed eyes on it when I visited the US. Oprah dares to discuss subjects that are still taboo. And therefor more and more people open up and if needed find/seek the help they need. Also the helpful financial, health and beauty tips are fabulous!! I hope O will last a long long time and that one day I will meet Oprah in person to tell her myself.

    Greetings from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    Ingeborg on 18-09-2008
    Love the magazine. The delivery is very good.
    I know the magazine from vacations in America so I'm happy to get it home.
    Francien on 18-09-2008
    The delivery of the magazine is very satisfactory, however
    the magazine is not quit what I expected it to be. The advertisements and articles about material things are driving me crazy ( just as on t.v... too much) And also, the things are mostly not accessible for everyone.Most of us do not have that spending budget. Other than that the magazine is just like Opra, wonderfull....

    on 18-09-2008
    Very nice, informative magazine. It takes ages to read fully from cover to back, which is lovely.
    Marleen on 18-09-2008
    I like Oprah magazine. I read a lot of magazines and this is one of the best. What I also like is that the magazine comes very quickly, I receive it one week after it is in the American stores. Keep up the good work.
    Nancy on 17-09-2008
    After reading this magazine for approx. 3 years now I stil enjoy it. I feel the magazine shows more depth than her shows do nowadays. Serious issues are not avoided. On the other hand the advertisements and articles about material things (Fashion) are of a level that is not accessible for everyone. We do not have the spending budget Oprah has !
    Still looking forward to the next issue though !

    Delivery is always on time and in good order.
    Rieke on 16-09-2008
    A great magazine. One of a kind. Just continued my subscription for another two years. LOVE IT! Of course, I think the world of Oprah - she's doing great work! I wouldnt't have expected anything less from this super lady. Hope she continues on for a very long time.
    Alice Zandbergen on 19-05-2005
    This has got to be the best magazine of all time. I can't wait to receive it in the mail and drop everything to read it cover to cover. But I have to move fast because my daughter comes over to grab the most recent issue, as she also is an vervent admirer of the honesty, integrity and quality of this great magazine. I would not have expected anything less from Oprah - she's a real marvel. Just continued my subscription for another two years. Love Oprah, Love O! The 5th anniversary issue was a real winner but when I received the subsequent issue a few days ago (all about how men think) I was blown away. Wish I had had this knowledge when I was younger! Would have saved me a lot of heartache. Once more, I cannot say this loud or strong enough - this is the best magazine ever. Oprah - keep up the good work. Love you!
    Alice Zandbergen on 19-05-2005
    The only reason I'm not rating a 10 for this magazine is the fact that each new issue seems to be even better !
    My kind of magazine !!
    Rieke on 19-05-2005
    I had seen the magazine "O" at my niece's in Connecticut and fell straight away in love with it. Back in Holland my husband surprised me with a subscription. The magazine is fabulous and the delivery is always in time. I love Oprah and the magazine.
    Carla on 19-05-2005
    This is a very good magazine. I read many magazines but this one is the best, it has everthing from inner-spirit
    to outer-spirit.I think that says it all!!
    I look very forward each month....

    Monique Akker on 24-03-2005
    What I like about the magazine "O" is exactly what I like about Oprah's talkshow. It's honesty about everything. The compassion for important issues, such as the support for breastcancer, and the suppressed women in the world. Interviews with depth. Oprah has the talent to let people tell us what we really want to know about life, love, weight and how we struggle. She teaches us to be open and honest, and helps us to forgive ourselves when we're weak and human.Mainly she teaches us to relax and live life to the full. I appreciate that, because that's my life-filosophy too.And .. she is so generous a good example for everybody. The magazine is pleasant to read and informative. I liked the make-up lessons in number 1 volume 6. It contains all the things that I like read about. Thanks Oprah!! dear regards Sylvia
    Sylviavankuijk on 05-03-2005
    This is the very best magazine i've ever subscribed to. It has everything from beauty and fashion to wonderful atricles and fabulous recipes. I wouldn't expect anything less than perfection from Oprah. I look forward to this taste of North America coming to my mail box every month.
    suzie on 14-02-2005
    The delivery of the magazine is very satisfactory.
    However the magazine is not quit what I expected it to be.
    It contains a lot of advertisements and the articles do not
    appeal that much to me. Perhaps my expectations were not
    realistic. Though I still think Oprah is a very special and
    lovely lady. With best regards,
    Judith on 19-11-2004

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