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Fine Woodworking
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magazine Fine Woodworking
35 reviews
Fine Woodworking
One year (7 issues) for €144.95 (USD 167.41)
Fine Woodworking Magazine has created a forum where accomplished woodworkers share what they know with fellow enthusiasts. Whether you re a professional cabinetmaker or just starting out, you ll find practical information about the techniques, tools and machines of the trade.

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    Fine Woodworking: Reviews and opinions

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    Soms leuke artikelen, maar teveel gericht op de hobbyist. Professioneel heb je er niet zoveel aan. Het blad lijkt me ook erg afhankelijk van adverteerders en dat zie je terug in de artikelen.
    Meubelmakerij Sam on 24-07-2015
    Fine woodworking is a nice magazine. Always, I look forward when a new edition is about to appear. I would appreciate it very much if the measurements of the projects described in the magazine could be converted to the centimeter system.
    Gerda on 28-06-2014
    Very good magazine even for an amateur like myself. The printng is high quality, the photos in the magazine are really well done too, the subject choice is nice, there's always a few longer articles that is interesting to read. It is not flooded by commercials (unlike many other magazines).
    csaba on 31-01-2014
    Great inspiring magazine, for both the starting woodworker and the experienced woodworker. Lots of great tips from other woodworkers, usually a project for a beginner/intermediate and a project for a professional. On the back there are very inspiring (furniture/art) pieces and the making off.. is on the page(s) before that. I am not practising woodworking at this moment (no time or space) but I still enjoy reading the magazine and saving it for when I do have a space where I can start to collect/build my own workshop. The website is also very inspiring. The only downside to the magazine is that it is a US magazine. That means:
    - All machines, tools, other equipment that are evaluated are those that are available in the US, availability in Europe may vary or brands that are available here are not mentioned
    - The imperial system is used instead of the metric system (inches instead of cm)

    - I'd love to have a (separate) English to Dutch vocabulary list of woodworking. (Een vertaling van het engelse vakjargon naar het nederlandse). It would be a great idea if something like that could be offered along with the magazine.

    I've been receiving the magazine for about 6 years now, and although it took long to receive the first magazine (a couple of months after subscribing) it now falls on my doormat regularly. It's like a little gift each time!

    Debbie on 07-12-2012
    Very good magazine - plenty of great tips and in-depth information on everything you need to know. Only drawback is that the tools available in the US are not quite as accessible here (and often not at all) so product reviews are less relevant sometimes. But there is so much else that is useful that I can highly recommend it.
    As for the subscription, I've had the same experience as one of the other commenters here, that the publisher thought I only had a subscription for one year when it was 2. Ivo will sort out those quirks though, so no worries.
    Cees Klumper on 25-02-2011

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