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Foreign Affairs
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magazine Foreign Affairs
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Foreign Affairs
One year (6 issues) for €127.50 (USD 147.26)
The preeminent journal of foreign policy and international affairs, has provided government and business leaders, students, and the general public with insightful, thought-provoking analysis on world events for over 80 years. Before it becomes policy, it's in Foreign Affairs.

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    €142.50€23.756ASIA, M.EAST & OCEANIA
    €147.50€24.586EUROPE (EAST)
    €144.95€24.166EUROPE (WEST)
    €139.95€23.326SOUTH-CENTRAL AMERICA
    €134.95€22.496Great Britain (UK and N. Ireland)
    €202.50€33.756New Zealand
    Available back issues Foreign Affairs 
    Foreign Affairs December 2019

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    Foreign Affairs: Reviews and opinions

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    As a student of political science, I try to keep up with most of the news whenever possible. However, most news agencies state the current or new facts without the whole context and/or origin of the situation. Foreign Affairs (FA) offers a detailed view of current and past events which complement recent news. Even with recent situations like the Ukrain crisis, FA still provides a better understanding in the conflict, even when new situations have rised in the meantime. FA is very well readable, it provides enough information to get a better understanding on the topic without losing the reader with unnecessary details. The font that is used is quite large, which makes reading easier for anyone whose native language is not english. The articles are short enough to read once in a while without devoting hours to it, while the magazine itself has enough coverage to last untill the next one comes.
    I would recommend Foreign Affairs to anyone who wishes to know more about the context and explanatory factors that play a role in conflicts, or any other situation that they cover.
    J Smits on 19-10-2014
    Comments on background and analysis described by U.S. politicians and international gastschrijvers.Goede basis of the facts and policy decisions. Not long openierende articles but also appear opinions and facts.
    Layout of the magazine is an excellent quality in terms of font and size of these. No references to notes which are often difficult to read.

    In sponsored pages are worthy read articles on various topics.

    A failure as a subscriber, I think that the late appearance of Foreign Affaires. As an example, the November / December 2008 issue I have yet received. As a result, in some cases the articles dated.
    W.Lutkie on 17-01-2009

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