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Time Magazine
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magazine Time Magazine
47 reviews
Time Magazine
One year (52 issues) for €118.93 (USD 137.36)
Time gives you more than just a weekly news summary. Time provides insightful analysis of today's important events, revealing what they mean to you and your family-from politics, to scientific breakthroughs, to human achievement. Plus, Time helps you keep up with the arts, business and society. Note: This is the European edition.

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    Time Magazine: Reviews and opinions

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    Time is a magazine full of current international news so it keeps you up-to-date with what is happening in the world today. It gives great in-debt stories about all current world issues.
    Kyocera Doc Solutions on 15-08-2019
    Still enjoy Time Magazine,but still too much emphasis on American problems.

    Pam on 17-03-2019
    It offers a nice variety of articles and although it is U.S orientated it is very interesting for my pupils.
    T. van Tilborg on 04-09-2017
    Having lived in the USA for 12 years I like to get the world news from their point of view. It is an addition to the articles in Dutch newspapers and weekly magazines and gives me a wider perspectief on world affairs.
    It is usually delivered on time. I enjoy the pro an contras in opinion so I can make up my own mind.
    Trix on 27-01-2017
    Time magazine is different in quality and level. It wants to be a world-magazine, but it is very US-focussed. Would be good to add more international members to the team. More dufferent short articles instead of 1 long theme would be welcome.
    on 29-04-2016
    Time Magasin gifs me a good insight in the problims of the whole world. THE Dutch papers make the impression, that Holland is very important for the whole world. Holland is the center of the civilasation of rhe world.
    J. Luinstra on 15-04-2016
    After a lifetime abroad and 12 years in the U.S I like to keep informed on the vieuwpoint of the American people. I like to compare your articles to the articles I read in Dutch Magazines.It accomplishes them. Keep on going!
    Wilhelmina Roggeband-Bouman on 22-01-2016
    Time Magazine is good addition to the other magazines we offer to our students and staff in our Global Lounge.
    Anette van Sandwijk on 13-10-2015
    One of my favorite reads: the writing is the best, the topics are tackled in the most professional, yet inviting way, and once I receive it in the mail I find it hard to put it down until I've finished every single piece. Good work!
    Diana on 13-02-2015
    Excellent service and delivery all the way to me here in Kazakhstan . Time remains as interesting and entertaining as ever and nice to have a hard copy magazine to read still. Well done Ivo / Global Magazines team !!!
    Ivo: Thank you so much for your nice words :-) !
    Adebayo Karunwi on 08-01-2015
    I am very pleased, both with the quality of the magazine, as with the service and delivery.
    Jozef on 26-12-2014
    Every week a joy to get Time delivered, in time! I don't understand the fact that some reviewers saying that it's too much American news: this is the Europe version of Time, and although there is a vast amount of American issues, it's the worldwide topics, art reviews, geographical accents, European Politics backgrounds, human interest, science affairs, and headlines from all over the world that keeps me wanting to read it all. The tone, the delivery of the news items is so balanced and well written.
    Roelof Broekman on 05-07-2014
    Good articles, too much emphasis on US issues. Like that it's still available in a hard copy version, not like Newsweek!
    Pam on 31-01-2014
    i really need time magazine, because in the Netherlands there is little foreign news insight and nuance in the mainstream press
    Guido Reumerman
    on 10-08-2013
    Inspirational, Well informed. Always a pleasure tot read
    babette on 17-07-2013
    Nice to have an insight in the American view on world affairs. Also nice to see who in the eyes of Time are the 100 most influental people in the world, through the eyes of America I suppose cause 80% of them are unknown by the average European reader.
    André Oud on 07-06-2013
    It is a very nice magazine that gives some insight into other people's opinions. It helps me to gather information about worldaffairs in a short amount of time.
    Kitty on 25-05-2013
    Goed blad met veel (diverse) informatie. Ik kom er niet toe om elke week alles te lezen, maar misschien is dat ook wel het mooie aan TIME, dat je kan kiezen wat je interesseert.
    José on 31-12-2012
    every week through TIME a trip around the world !!
    so different and great compared to my local newspapers....
    arnold leufkens on 19-11-2012
    A good weekly round-up with a US bias but sufficent international coverage of events. Perfect for a busy mum who otherwise misses everything. And excellent service provider.
    Nicole on 08-06-2012
    TIME is an excellent magazine, well-informed and surprisingly fast in its reactions to major events
    arising anywhere in the world.
    Jan Nieuwenhuizen on 01-04-2012
    All in all- a pretty basic magazine. Only a couple of interesting articles each issue and the writing is a little condescending. Great photos though. The delivery/ service and customer service is top class. Wouldn't recommend the magazine, but would recommend the distributor.
    Darin on 14-02-2012
    Time provides in depth and up to date world news in an objective and condensed manner. As a faithful reader for over 40 years, I am still looking forward every week to receiving the new issue.
    Rob Zwartendijk on 20-01-2012
    good info and very current and useful analyis
    Aldrin on 16-01-2012
    good info, interesting editors, but maybe a bit more focus on developing country moves
    eelco on 23-12-2011
    time magazine offers a splendid world view for a retired professional that used to travel and live in the world. i will renew my subscription in 2012
    arnold leufkens on 04-11-2011
    Great magazine, great to keep up with the world on a weekly basis. Realy enjoyed reading it!
    heynric grotenhuis on 08-07-2011
    Overall everything is great, but too much focus on US politics and issues.
    serena on 30-06-2011
    With great pleasure I have read Time over the last couple of years. The inbox, photography and column-style articles provide us with interesting views. However, over the last 6 months, I find Time's reporting too much focussed on the U.S., both in terms of opinion and affairs touched upon.
    Jurgen on 26-04-2011
    Time Magazine is very informative. We are very happy that we have subscribed for TIME.
    Nella Schaap on 25-03-2011
    Very interesting magazine. A chance to get another (US mainly) perspective on things happening around the world, and close to home. Deliveries spot on!
    Eric on 16-07-2010
    Time Magazine is een prachtig blad, goede en uitgebreide informatie, prettig geschreven en mooie foto's. Juist het perspectief vanuit de USA vind ik vaak interessant - toch een andere invalshoek op het nieuws en gebeurtenissen.
    Isabel on 09-07-2010
    Good magazine. It is well written and gives another perspective in comparrison with dutch magazines. Helps in understanding the USA view on the world.
    K vd Heuvel on 14-05-2010
    I've been reading Times for about two years now. Recently I quit my contract not because of poor articles or delivery, but while I'm a bit bored reading to much about American politics only. Now looking for a magazine with more attention for business and daily life matters. A thank you to Engelse Bladen for the correct delivery!
    Reinhard on 26-12-2009
    Delivery is good, the magazine is always on time, it's an excellent magazine.
    The service is very good and the communication is very good.
    Thijs on 26-12-2009
    It is a very good way to keep up your English, but not only that, it is a magazine full of current international news so it keeps you up-to-date with what is happening in the world today.

    Nieuwenhuizen Jan on 03-04-2009
    I like Time Magazine for its journalistic value and its international approach, but the information about the campaigntrail and the elections was absolute overkill. The fact that Time poses itself as an international magazine is sometimes nullified by all the American-oriented news.
    The Style&Design sections are great and I always enjoy those. There could be a little more news regarding culture.
    Thijs on 05-11-2008
    It is a good magazine.
    I like to read about the elections in America.
    It's also good to practise my english.
    G.T.Bouwman on 31-10-2008
    Time keeps me up to date.Enhances my English.Deliverance perfect.
    L.W.Schulhof on 31-10-2008
    very interesting and educative, with good coverage.
    TPostępski on 31-10-2008
    Excellent magazine which is a great addition to watching the news. It gives great in-debt stories about all current world issues.
    Reek on 23-09-2008
    Near perfection. Well-written, funny and informative with access to even the most unaccessable of big players in the world of politics, entertainment and sports. No complaints whatsoever.
    Joost on 17-09-2008
    I consider Time one of the most enjoyable magazines in the world. It tries to be objective and I like that in a news orientated mag. In the Netherlands magazines tend to be very subjective to the news. Time is also very readable for people who do not speak english as their firts language. Nevertheless once in a week is to much for me so now I buy it at the newsstand whenever I feel like it.
    Klaas Kremer on 03-09-2008
    Thank you for your February 2, 2007 European edition, in which you have brought the truth to light concerning the Armenian Genocide. How can we order 2-3 issues, as we can not buy this edition in Egypt. We will gladly pay for them by Visa card. Respectfully, Sarkis Vartzbed.
    Sarkis Vartzbed on 04-02-2007
    A very interesting magazine. Even for English students, Time is very good to read for your practical english!
    Kees on 18-03-2005
    Congratulations,Tomorrow 3 March 1923,it's your birthday!!!When your magazine started,there where 12.000 subscribers and now there are millions alover the world.After 82 years you are always the best.Thanks you very well!!!!Greet stevens
    greet stevens on 02-03-2005
    I am learning English and I think The Time Magazine is a very interesting magazine for reading because it`s world news and good practish for me to enjoy the language!
    yolanda on 19-11-2004

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