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BBC Gardeners' World
magazine BBC Gardeners' World
United Kingdom
15 reviews
BBC Gardeners' World
One year (12 issues) for €199.95 (USD 230.94)
BBC Gardenersí World is Britainís biggest selling gardening magazine. Itís packed with a wealth of information and tips for successful gardening, brought to you by familiar personalities of TV and radio. Now you can discover great gardening advice, ideas and inspiration every month.

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    BBC Gardeners' World: Reviews and opinions

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    I love the magazine. You get all kind of tips to focus on some gardening issues. You can always decide what to do in the weekend with helpful checklists. The magazine makes you time invested worthwhile and thus more effective and pleasant. It is an all-round gardening magazine with many specials for each month and time of the season.
    Hans Bruining on 30-05-2016
    It is absolutely the top magazine for amateur gardeners who continuously strive to get the best information and results for their gardens and vegetable plots.
    on 28-05-2015
    Very inspiring and I have learned a lot from reading the articles of the various experts in gardening. The TV program is also high standard quality compared to the dutch garden programs, which are more commercial breaks rather than educative items.
    Leonora van Eeten Broek on 24-02-2015
    A wonderfull magine about gardening in all his aspects,I love it. I like most the vegetables site's. Only to much advertising.
    Harry Moors on 10-05-2014
    The magazine supplies me with a lot of ideas varying from design of gardens, selection of plants, identifcation of diseases and treatment to what to do lists for the weekends. It gives you tools for different gardens, like vegetables, flowers, or a tree garden.

    J. Bruining
    on 24-05-2013
    Gardeners World I think is a very beautiful magazine with a variety of information. Every month I look forward to receive it. And allthough I live in Holland it is in time each month.
    Liesbeth Hagen-Tomasini on 10-03-2013
    After a long search for a real magazine about gardening I finally found it. I always watch gardeners world the tv programme and looked everywhere where t buy the magazine. The magazines in The Netherlands are nothing comparing with this one. They can learn a lot from it. Even as the tv programmes in The netherlands its all commercial and every week the same. You dont find that at gardeners world
    marijke on 06-12-2011
    Gardeners world is much more a magazine for the better gardeners. In Holland the most magazines are to easy for me.

    H.M. Bakker on 28-10-2009
    Gardeners world magazine is the only gardening magazine to give in depth advice on all sorts of problems you may encounter while gardening.(e.g.watering your agapanthus during winter, otherwise it will not flower in summer, or dividing your snowdrop clumps into single little bulbs to replant and thus creating dozens of new plants, or how to store your amarylhis bulbs, to replant again next season etc.)Therefore I do not think it is expensive to buy,as all the suggestions given enables you to make the best of your garden and the plants growing in it. I especially enjoy the articles on wildlife (insects,birds,reptiles) and how to attract them to your own garden. It makes me feel I am contributing something positive on my small spot on our planet.
    lucy Malherbe on 26-02-2007
    Wonderful, nature-loving and practical magazine, but.....for us far too expensive, so we read en re-read still the magazines we bought years ago. (with Jeff Hamilton...)
    Loes Voerman on 01-02-2006

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