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4 issues of "ADDitude"

ADDitude Magazine is the first magazine for people with attention deficit disorder. ADDitude provides health reporting, medical news and lifestyle advice for families and individuals. Backed by an advisory board of leading medical and scientific experts, ADDitude's editors are committed to helping children and adults with ADD lead successful lives--at home, at school, at work, and in their communities. Informative and inspiring, each issue is filled with timely articles focusing on real people living with ADD. Columnists such as Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Driven to Distraction, bring readers practical tips drawn from years of patient experience. With special reports on topics such as teens and ADD, strategies for summer fun, starting a new school year off right, and effectively managing medications, ADDitude keeps people living with ADD informed with the latest about the disorder. Oprah Winfrey has called ADDitude a magazine "needed by every parent of an ADD child." Certainly, it has become a trusted resource that many readers wouldn't want to live without.


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