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12 issues of "Kids Craft Club Digital"

THIS IS A DIGITAL MAGAZINE, EMAIL DELIVERYKids Craft Club magazine is a mini digital monthly magazine, containing at least five craft projects every issue, so every week / weekend, they have a new craft project to complete. Kids Craft Club is aimed at children aged 3-10. There is also over £200 of giveaway prizes to be won every month and a craft challenge to enter for a chance to win craft prizes.Every issue keeps children challenged and inspired with craft projects and ideas to develop their craft skills.Kids Craft Club digital magazine is readable on any computer or mobile device. The support of Flash and HTML5 technologies allows Kids Craft Club to be readable on mobile phones (iPhone and Android) and tablets (iPad and Android). And the support of HTML provides access to information for those who use mobile phones of previous generations.Kids Craft Club is a sister publication to Make and Craft and Craft Makes magazines. If you prefer you can subscribe to Make and Craft magazine which includes Kids Craft Club magazine as part of the same magazine each month. Make and Craft is available in both print and digital format.

Kids Craft Club Digital

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