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6 issues of "ToucanBox"

A subscription to toucanBox brings you a themed activity box packed with hands-on fun and educational projects, all materials, instructions and templates included. Each toucanBox contains everything needed to keep children occupied for hours in an educational and creative way. ToucanBox is especially designed for kids aged 3 to 7 years old and supports the national curriculum.Each month features a different theme to spark kids imagination and stimulate their creativity. In every box you will find:- all the supplies needed for 4-5 craft projects- a step by step instruction booklet- a fascinating story book- beautiful colouring sheets and templates- "how to draw”, games and more!Every parent knows the frustration felt by their children when, after watching programmes showing them how to make something there are never enough lolly sticks or washing up bottles in the house to complete the project, resulting in an upset child and parents trying to explain why they can’t make it.The new toucanBox solves this problem as well as ensuring that children can be creative simply and easily, with everything needed supplied to your door, all in a suitcase styled sturdy box.Children will be excitedly awaiting the postman to call with their new box and it is ideal to have sent to grandparents as well, to keep children busy when they visit.ToucanBox has been featured in several parents’ magazines and has been recognised for its educational value; a formidable way for children and parents or grandparents to spend quality time together.


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