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12 issues of "Aircraft"

With a superb new look, more pages than ever, 13 exciting issues a year and the work of the best writers and photographers in the business, Aircraft is the magazine for the true aviation aficionado. Continuing the rich history of Aircraft Illustrated, established over 40 years ago, Aircraft offers a contemporary take on the greatest years of aviation, the glory days of charismatic aircraft. From the most famous historic airliners to the most exciting military jets of all time, our coverage is second to none.

Aircraft places an unrivalled focus on the classic aircraft of the post-war years, covering the developments in military aviation and fascinating operations during the Cold War period, and the huge changes that swept through the airline world as mass air travel became a reality. But there’s much more to the history in Aircraft than that. We cover World War Two, the inter-war period, World War One and the pioneer aviators; we also look at modern-day aviation happenings with a unique historical slant. Whatever the subject, stunning archive imagery accompanies informed, in-depth articles from leading authors and revealing ‘from the cockpit’ stories. Aviation writing gets no better.


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