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Commentary is America's premier monthly magazine of ideas, the publication that those who shape public opinion turn to first for in-depth analysis of politics, religion, foreign affairs, social policy, culture, and the arts, as well as for outstanding reviews of current books. The magazine's letters section is a world-renowned forum for unfettered debate about the most pressing issues of the day. Commentary has been a major force in shaping American political and cultural life since its founding in 1945. It is primarily known as the intellectual home of the neoconservative movement, a brand of skeptical thought that emerged as a reaction to the anti-American radicalism of the 1960s, and is today vitally engaged in the preservation and spread of democracy and Western values. As part of its historical mission, Commentary has always taken a special interest in Jewish issues and the state of Israel. Commentary is published monthly (except for a combined July-August issue) by the American Jewish Committee.

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